You Are Already Wealthy

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. What a day. NPR played stories from victims' families and the news replayed the crash over and over and over. Collective memories certainly hit hard.

I posted recently about mental models, and subsequently, a video about how mental models affect our happiness. Days like yesterday remind me of how easily our mental models get taken for granted.

Every day we are alive, we have a lot more than we often consider. In fact, we have our entire life.

This article came across my email recently. In it, Sonia Simone shares the secret to wealth and success: realize you already have it. Just having clean, disease-free running water is a great case-in-point. It separates all of us from a huge population of the world.

I thought the article was a great example of mental models getting flipped upside down. A sense of lack permeates our psyche when we choose to compare ourselves with whatever expectation we define as acceptable.

It's very easy to see what we don't have -- and to define our lives from that point of view.

When we see the wealth that we already do have, the world can look different. It can be a place filled with gratitude and curiosity. In this space, our mode of operating is filled with possibility rather than scarcity.

Yes, sometimes it's easier said than done, but our perspective is much easier changed than the actions of the six billion people around us. It might be the only thing in our control.

This isn't magical thinking, or a superstitious belief in optimism. The choices we make are affected by the mental models that inform our thinking. When we operate from mental models of gratitude, our performance in a situation will be very different from performance rising from mental models of fear or lack.

This leads to different expectations, different actions, and, of course, different results. And maybe there's a little magic in there, too. But you can believe what you want.

The point is -- you are literally choosing how you experience your world with all of its broken parts. I know it's a tough one. But take a look at it for yourself.

I am grateful to be able to write, and I am grateful for your readership.


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Justin Follin is an Executive presentation and performance coach/consultant. He specializes in working with public speakers, visionaries, performers and organizational leaders to 'up their game' in front of any audience. His unorthodox approach combines mindfulness, leadership development training, improvisational exercises and executive coaching tools to transform his clients’ abilities to inspire and lead. His work helps speakers and performers connect with audiences, better articulate core messages, and shift their ability to deliver big impact, dynamic presentations in high pressure situations. In a short amount of time, Justin’s clients experience far greater freedom and ease on stage an off--many overcoming long standing public speaking or stage anxiety in a matter of weeks. Along with his private consulting work, he is a communications and marketing lead for a global leadership and management consultancy as well as a singer, songwriter and bandleader in Austin, Texas.
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