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Justin Follin is an Executive presentation and performance coach/consultant. He specializes in working with public speakers, visionaries, performers and organizational leaders to 'up their game' in front of any audience. His unorthodox approach combines mindfulness, leadership development training, improvisational exercises and executive coaching tools to transform his clients’ abilities to inspire and lead. His work helps speakers and performers connect with audiences, better articulate core messages, and shift their ability to deliver big impact, dynamic presentations in high pressure situations. In a short amount of time, Justin’s clients experience far greater freedom and ease on stage an off--many overcoming long standing public speaking or stage anxiety in a matter of weeks. Along with his private consulting work, he is a communications and marketing lead for a global leadership and management consultancy as well as a singer, songwriter and bandleader in Austin, Texas.

What is Executive Presence and Why is It Important?

You’re sitting in a meeting room, surrounded by peers and senior executives—half of whom are nose down in laptops and iPhones, firing off last minute emails and texts. The other half are chatting and distracted. You have a slight sense … Continue reading

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The Inner Game of Leadership

There’s a natural “source-fulness” that is moving through every human being.  This might look like passion, or inspiration, or vitality. Some might call it “life force.” For some, this source-fulness is blocked or dampened. Great leaders, though, are full, unfettered … Continue reading

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The Body is the Tool of the Performer

The physical body is the tool of the performer. It’s the means for expression. I know many people come to performance coaching looking for suggestions on what to do with their hands, or how to walk around on stage. A … Continue reading

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The Number One Key to Unlocking Your Stage Presence

Stage presence is a funny thing. You know when someone “has it” but you don’t always know exactly why. A lot of people think you’re either born with it or you aren’t. Maybe you learned it from years of practice. … Continue reading

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Everyone Can Learn Stage Presence

The beauty of improving your comfort with public speaking is that, since we are speaking in public most of our lives, we’ve already amassed quite a bit of experience. I think it’s important to remember that most, if not all … Continue reading

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