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Justin Follin is an Executive presentation and performance coach/consultant. He specializes in working with public speakers, visionaries, performers and organizational leaders to 'up their game' in front of any audience. His unorthodox approach combines mindfulness, leadership development training, improvisational exercises and executive coaching tools to transform his clients’ abilities to inspire and lead. His work helps speakers and performers connect with audiences, better articulate core messages, and shift their ability to deliver big impact, dynamic presentations in high pressure situations. In a short amount of time, Justin’s clients experience far greater freedom and ease on stage an off--many overcoming long standing public speaking or stage anxiety in a matter of weeks. Along with his private consulting work, he is a communications and marketing lead for a global leadership and management consultancy as well as a singer, songwriter and bandleader in Austin, Texas.

What the iPad Can Teach About Behavior Change

I like to use the phrase “mental models” to describe the ways we view the world. It’s a neat term, because it gives a sense of solidity to mental activity, which is, perhaps, the opposite of solid. It’s hard to … Continue reading

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Overcoming Shyness

You walk into a room. The room is filled with strangers. They are all talking to each other. Depending on your perspective, this could be the beginning of a great night or of a panic attack. For a shy person, … Continue reading

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The Super Secret Key to Stage Presence

Stage presence: the magical, mystery phrase, elusive to many. (Except for the lucky few who just “have it.”) It’s one of those terms like “charisma” that we all know but might have a hard time actually defining. As I’ve written … Continue reading

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To Be Free

Nina Simone is a legend. A voice that’s unparalleled with a soul that flies. And, of course, one hell of a performer. What she says about performance just about sums it all up: That’s freedom. That’s why I’m writing this … Continue reading

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You Are Already Wealthy

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. What a day. NPR played stories from victims’ families and the news replayed the crash over and over and over. Collective memories certainly hit hard. I posted recently about mental … Continue reading

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