Corporate Communications Development in Austin and Online

Many organizations struggle with describing exactly "what it is we do." Even when there is clarity about the what, it can be tough to figure out how to communicate it so that clients and potential clients are inspired to learn more about you.

Corporate Communications Development

Corporate communications development is a fundamental shift in how your team or organization understands and communicates what you do. Breakthrough corporate communications promotes authenticity among your team and provides clarity and alignment around the message you are presenting to the world. When you and your team are clear on your message and how to communicate it, your clients and potential clients can better understand who you are and the value you provide.

In short, a well developed corporate communications strategy and foundation allows you to attract the kind of clients best-suited for your business.

How does Corporate Communications Development work?

First, we start with the Why. Working together with your team, we get very clear: why do you do what you do? What motivates you beyond the financial bottom line? Where does the passion come from? This "Why" is the fuel that drives your company's vision, and it's the message that should underlie all of your internal and external communications. Bringing clarity to your “why” helps re-invigorate your team around a collective sense of purpose. When the “why” is missing, you might find that greatness is, too.

With this in place, we look at What you do: What’s your story? What do you help your clients do? What results do you produce? Getting this across to clients in a meaningful way inspires them to say: "I've got it!" When someone believes in your what, they’ll trust you enough to buy what you’re selling.

And finally, we look at How you do what you do. What can a client expect when they work with you? How do you get the results you promise? Too often, a corporate communications approach will start with the how. But your how only matters when someone understands why you are in business and what it is you can do for them. When all three of these components line up, great things happen.

Through a workshop process, your team will learn how to communicate your message. Participants will begin to develop confidence and ease so they can share your message in their own, authentic way.

Ongoing work following the initial workshop includes:

  • One-on-one communications coaching with key personnel
  • Internal/external corporate communications planning
  • Positioning, messaging and company story development
  • Web and marketing collateral direction
  • Copywriting training

Together, we will facilitate a shift towards a powerful corporate communications strategy that works.

Transformational Corporate Communications Strategy

-          Create clear alignment around vision, goals and message: when people are aligned and clear, barriers to success drop away and results start to happen in big, often unprecedented ways.

-          Understand the Client: Who is your client? What are their needs? What makes them tick? What language do they use? How do they communicate?

-          Nurturing the Internal Client: Not only will we develop an understanding of the external client, we’ll investigate how best to communicate to your internal clients as well, i.e., your people. Your organization is most likely made up of hierarchical tiers, each with their own distinct set of needs. Communicating throughout an entire organization means understanding the variety of audience inside the company, crafting the right message, and using the appropriate channels.

-          Communicate with the Client: Create a channel strategy. What communications channels or tools do we use currently to communicate with our external client? What channels do you use internally? What opportunities for additional channels should you be using? What communications need to happen, when and from whom? How do you make sure a message “comes alive?”

-          Content: Develop a clear accountability structure and schedule for content development. What sorts of content, collateral or talks will best educate your clients and support the reaching of your targeted goals? Who is taking these on? When appropriate, we form a copy writing partnership to ensure your copy is clean, direct and effective.

-          Dialog and Transparency: At its highest performing, a great transformational corporate communications strategy works to maximize dialog and transparency, rather than perpetuate protective and one way “speaking at” habits. Internally, it’s important that people feel heard up and down the line, and it’s important that they’re in the loop. Externally, the dialog with your clients is your most important tool: acts as a driver of communications, always evolving relationship and understanding of client needs.

-          Coaching: Enabling the execution of a transparent, transformational approach to corporate communications strategy requires the establishing of new systems over time. Ongoing coaching for communications teams or managers or executives can be put in place to support your efforts to realize your goals.  

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