Performance Coaching in Austin and Online

Everyone can perform. Everyone. We are all doing it all the time. We're performing in the office, we're performing when we meet someone new, we're performing when we speak. Performance coaching is intended to help you perform better in any situation.

Performance is about how we show up. Strong performance - in any environment - is about full engagement with the moment. It's an engagement with confidence, ease, expression, and authenticity. A better performer can engage with all aspects of life in a more self-directed way.

Performance Transformation is a coaching process that changes the way a person relates to the present moment. Through stage performance techniques, physical exercises, and transformational coaching tools, we work to change your attitudes and beliefs around performance so that a natural charisma and confidence can show up.

Who is this coaching for? Actors looking to make their performance more compelling. Musicians wanting a better command of the stage. Writers wanting to share their work. Organizational leaders wanting to show up with more relaxed but effective authority. It's a process that can help anyone interested in developing their presence in front of an audience.

It's also ideal for overcoming stage fright.

With this coaching you can:

  • Become a better stage performer
  • Gain confidence in front of audiences
  • Develop stage presence
  • Cultivate body awareness
  • Overcome stage fright
  • Better engage audiences
  • Command the stage

The process itself focuses on where you are now, and we work to overcome performance blocks in a way that is appropriate for you. The work can be challenging, but the one-on-one focus allows for a more specific, tailored approach. Whether we work in person or using online video chat, there's always an emphasis on your feeling comfortable and appropriately challenged. The results can offer huge benefits to your confidence and presence in a way that a larger group class cannot.