Public Speaking Coaching in Austin and Online

How we relate to speaking in public defines our results. The ability to speak well gets stunted by fears, anxieties, or even the belief that public speaking is "hard." Even practiced speakers can be content experts, but continue to experience lackluster audiences and have difficulty engaging as fully as they'd like. Public speaking coaching can help change this.

This public speaking coaching is about transforming your relationship to speaking. More than focusing on specific techniques, it's about unlocking your natural speaking ability so that you relate to audiences with a sense of ease and confidence. It's about letting your authentic self connect in a public way.

We'll use public speaking practices, physical exercises, and transformational coaching to bring about a more empowered relationship to speaking. As we move through the process, you will find yourself looking forward to speaking opportunities -- and connecting with your audiences with new found ease and authority.

We'll also work on presentation development. How clear is your content? How well does it engage an entire room? Does it take into account the different learning styles of the individuals in the audience? Does it have the energy to hold attention?

When speeches and presentations are developed with both a sense of relaxed confidence and an understanding of how to connect with a room, the impact is huge. Your material will come alive in a new way.

This is public speaking training that can enhance your skills as a speaker, but also open you into a new place of freedom and audience engagement. This is about tapping into your natural personality to connect in a more authentic and powerful way. These are public speaking lessons and tools for engagement that can be applied in every area of your work life.

This coaching can help you:

  • Overcome stage fright
  • Gain confidence in front of an audience
  • Better articulate your ideas
  • Construct compelling presentations
  • Engage your audience
  • Feel comfortable "winging it" in tight situations
  • Tell better stories
  • Become a powerful public speaker
  • Feel ease in front of a crowd
  • Speak with authenticity