Imagine if you were receiving an award and you didn't want to accept it because you had to give an acceptance speech in front of a large group. Well, that was me. I had never stood in front of 700 people and I have never given a 7 minute speech before. I had so much anxiety thinking about the approaching day, I decided that I had to do something and I found Justin by doing a google search. Through Justin's techniques and my constant practice, I was able to turn my biggest fear into one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

When I walked out on that stage, something magical happened for me. I never felt more in the moment and in control in my life. During our sessions, Justin asked me what I hoped to get out of the day, I told him that I wanted to be authentic, genuine, and inspiring. The remarks that I have received that described my speech were those exact words - authentic, genuine and inspiring. This was truly a break through experience for me!
Tracy Solomon
Winner, 2014 Woman of Valor Award 

Justin served as my coach/advisor for a Tedx talk I gave in February, 2013. He proved to be incredibly smart and thoughtful in helping me shape a talk for a very different type of audience than I'm used to. What impressed me most was his taking into account my personality and professional goals in building a talk that worked for me and for the venue. He understands the importance of a story and the power of theater in his approach. I recommend him highly.
Dr. James W. Pennebaker
Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology
University of Texas at Austin

The first time I sat down with Justin it became evident that my talk (a TEDx talk) needed a lot of work. He has an instinctive sense for what makes a compelling presentation. He sought to peel back the layers of my story until he got a good sense for my core message, and then he encouraged me to build on that. By the time I gave the TEDx talk, it was quite different from what I had originally imagined. It was much better. And it was my own story and my own voice -- which Justin helped me find.
Dr. Todd Humphreys
Asst Professor, Aerospace Engineering + Engineering Mechanics
University of Texas

Working with Justin completely transformed my approach to performing. More of a Zen master than a traditional performance coach, Justin encouraged me to lean into my discomfort and to look at challenges as opportunities to more fully experience every moment of a show. Instead of relying on circumstances beyond my control (sound quality/level of applause/etc) I am now able to judge a performance by how open I was to it. The result is that I am more aware of and in touch with my own power and look forward to every show as an opportunity to explore that further. Because I am more present, I feel more connected to my audience. As a nice side note, I've received many comments from long time fans noting how much more confident I seem as a performer. By the same token, working with Justin also gave me tools to help me face challenges in my daily life off stage. I highly recommend Justin to anyone looking to become a more effective performer and anyone looking to connect more deeply with their own vision!
Jess Klein
International Touring Artist

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Justin Follin on my public speaking skills. He is pure genius!! I was expecting him to just teach me scripted techniques, but he taught me so much more than that! He taught me how to tap into my inner voice and that I must stay true to myself if I want my presentation style to be authentic. He helped me find my confidence, my inner strength and my center. He gave me techniques and skills to develop these attributes. He was the toughest critic and a consummate professional. He gave me honest feedback and made me believe in myself, because he believed in me.

I could go on and on but I think the only way you will really understand what I experienced, is to experience it yourself! Justin’s public speaking training gave me skills far beyond the stage. I now use these skills in all of my professional interactions, from staff meetings to individual encounters. I look forward to working with Justin Follin again!! Feel free to contact me directly if you want to know more. I am happy to share this life-changing experience with you. aybraun@gmail.com
Andrea Albalawi, LMSW

Director of Health Initiatives
Foundation Communities

More than just teaching to slides, Justin is a cut above. He understands how to shape a presentation to flow in a more compelling way to deliver content that connects in high-stakes performance. This combination of delivery and performance training with presentation development is invaluable; he's a unique trainer, and I'd recommend him to anyone interested raising their game on stage.
Jonathan Gilliam
Momentum Factor

I had the pleasure to work with Justin to refine a major presentation. Justin understands the theatrics of great presentations, and he really gets the importance of being mentally prepared and approaching a topic with passion. He also motivated me to continually refine my message so that when presented it was focused, clear and memorable. I highly recommend Justin if you want to get out of your shell, think strategically about presentations, and take your presentation skills to the next level.
Leonard H. Dougal
Jackson Walker LLP

Justin has been of fantastic support in transforming my usual 'technical' talk into a powerful speech for the last TEDx Austin event. His vision and great suggestions have been very instrumental to address and involve a broad audience, he had his signature on most aspects of my talk, from many small details to the big picture behind my story. I recommend him very strongly.
Andrea Alu
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Texas

If you just want the top tips for effective public speaking, look elsewhere.  However if you want to transform your stage presence and deliver vibrant speeches built on your unique strengths, Justin is your coach. His direct feedback and experience in theater direction was invaluable in helping me drop extraneous content and mannerisms and deliver the talk at TEDxRainier that I intended.
Will Hewett
Consultant, Vocalist and Instigator

I discovered Justin Follin when a friend wrote to me and said, “You might really like this guy.” It only took 10 minutes at Justin’s site and 10 minutes on the phone before I knew I owed my friend a big thank you.

My writing and teaching career is such that becoming a good speaker has always been something “I might do someday.” Soon after I met Justin, someday arrived. And I am loving the ride. His emphasis on presence and authenticity hit me right where it helps. My hour with Justin is now a reliable high point of my week that propels me forward with new understanding, practices, enthusiasm, and awareness.
Tommy Angelo
Poker Player, Writer, Coach

Justin is a wonderfully kind and gentle person, musician, teacher, and a truly incredible life/business/performance coach. The work I have been doing with him is invaluable. In only four sessions my whole perception around my business (and life) has completely shifted and a world of possibility has opened up for me. In each session we come up with tasks/commitments to be completed that keep me focused and have also revealed areas in which I have personal breakdowns/patterns of behavior that have been hindering my success.
Sunny Suit
Austin Dance Collective

After every coaching session with Justin, I leave feeling much more empowered. He consistently helps me clear my mental blocks so that I can look at problems without constraint. Through his coaching and emphasis on mindfulness, he helps me look at specific issues from a totally different lense. The amazing thing is once I start viewing my life through that unconstrained lense I'm able to see that I'm often unaware of what is holding me back. This clarity results in a feeling of power that has benefited my work, my relationships, and my life.
Aashish Bhimani
Washington, D.C., based government contractor


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